Saturday, January 14, 2006

ex nihilo

While deciding on a name for this blog, I was tempted to connect it to my past, such as using my mother's name Vida (I like its brevity and association to life.) Using a name that explores my perception of the genre itself would be another option: referring to fluid records floating in an ethereal space of the Internet - associated to Victor Segalen's Stellae because blog posts are like petrified text events. Or, something that captures the unconscious in language like Klimt's Watersnakes. A reference to the peripathetic nature of the posts, like The Arcades flashed through my mind. But here I am using a heroic language of science - partly in irony partly in earnest. Eppur Si Muove exemplifies a belief in the process by which truth finds its way in the artefacts of knowledge (under erasure, of course).


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